Drivability Concerns

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What is it?
Drivability is a term that is typically applied to the qualities of a vehicle a consumer is considering for purchase. However, more specifically, it refers to an general evaluation, performed by a skilled technician, concerning the vehicle’s powertrain capabilities, and whether or not it effects the overall ability” for a person to drive a vehicle.

What does it do?
Issues with drivability can include, but are not limited to:

  • No-Crank Condition: a phenomenon that occurs when a car doesn’t respond to a key turn, or all systems fail before the vehicle is fully started.
  • Starts and Dies Condition: if a vehicle starts, but doesn’t run smoothly after it’s ignited (i.e. vibrates, rattles, shakes, bucks, etc.)
  • Acceleration Issues: If the vehicle cannot brake smoothly, has questionable noises such as grinding or squeaking, or has any issues associated with acceleration.
  • Cold/Hot Start Run Problem: If the weather outside is too hot or too cold, and you are having trouble with the ignition.
  • Intermittent Dying: If a vehicle dies at random moments, it is very clearly an unsafe situation (most likely a problem with ignition) and needs to be fixed immediately before it can be considered “drivable”.


  • Problems shifting gears
  • Engine misfiring
  • Excessive vibrating
  • Check engine light